Brett Duran

Brett Duran – Kadasl Company

I watched my father work on building and re-building, renovating and remodeling homes for years back in the UK, and in more recent years, here in the US. Eventually, all that ladder climbing, lifting and hammer swinging is bound to catch up with a guy I guess…

So after about 50 years in the business, the tendonitis in his various joints got so bad I was finally able to convince him to lay down the tools and let me take over for him.

Of course there is no replacement for experience, or for passion and knowledge on a subject, so that’s why we decided to come together and put up this blog – a place where he can still be involved in all the different facets of the work he did and loved, only now he’s just sitting at a keyboard, sharing his experience (or more likely, *I* will be sitting at the keyboard, conveying his experiences and knowledge through to our readers here).

We’ll be drawing on not only my father’s experience, but also from that of his many friends and acquaintances that he’s made over the years in the business, allowing them to contribute their little niche specialties to our on-going list of informative articles.  We’re glad you joined us and we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


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