Design Ideas For Your Tucson Short Term Rental Properties


When you make the decision to put your property on the market as a rental, there are a number of things you really need to consider, especially if you decide to do what we did and go the Tucson short term rental property route (http://extendedstay-tucson.com/). We realized a couple of things right away – first, we didn’t want to be the ones to manage it day-to-day. And second, that to really give it the best chance of getting rented during the prime times, we needed expert advice on how to set it up as a corporate housing, furnished rental property, which is exactly what we did.

This is the bedroom in my rental apartment. When I moved in, it was a complete blank canvas. It was all white, no storage, the closet is so small, it’s so shallow that you can’t run a rail for your clothes along the side, it had to be two short rails. So I have maybe two feet of hanging. Needed everything in terms of character, in terms of storage, it was just completely blank.

So the first thing that I did was I measured up the hole room and I drew up the paneling for myself, just to give myself an idea of how I wanted to work it out. I was also looking for some storage solutions and I found this hanging system at Ikea and so I drew that in as well and I just gave myself a conceptual basis of what  I wanted to do and when I was really satisfied with that, I went and I bought the paneling and started to play it.

Comes in just long pieces, like twelve feet long and I cut all of it offsite and then brought it back and started installing it. You have to draw down on the wall and then you start with the really critical pieces that need to be leveled and establish your levels going around the room, which was a challenge in this room because the building it’s so old that the floors and ceilings aren’t leveled at all anymore.

So it was a bit tricky, but it was a one person job. It wasn’t hard to do. I think the applied moulding sort of brings in the architectural history of the room, it’s the way I envisioned this space might of been at one point.Since then it’s been renovated over and over and over again. So, who knows what it used to be? So, in my mind, I’m bringing back the history.

On top of the paneling, I’d seen an image where someone had just painted this really bright hatch on the wall that had paneling, but they ignored where the paneling was, it didn’t relate to the paneling. And I though, in a room where I don’t have a lot of depth for a headboard and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I might not be able to use in my next place, why not paint a headboard on the wall and play with that layering of pigment on top of that architectural detail?

Once the paneling has been taking care of, there were a lot of little finishing details that I needed a hand pulling together, so some of my friends from House and Home came over and helped me out. I was able now to bring in a lot of my clothing that it been hanging in my front hall and take care of my shoes which were hidden away in all kind of places around the apartment.

And then, also, this bed that I got at Ikea has drawers underneath, so it gives me tons of storage for things like linens and towels and big bulky sweaters, stuff like that. I generally like something that it’s a little bit playful. I knew that I wanted to do suspended sort of bedside lighting, but I didn’t want to have really bulky bedside tables. I went just with a storage basket for some concealed storage, but then I also got this flooding shelves that have all the books, that functions as bedside table because that’s basically all that’s ever on my bedside table, a big stack of books.

So, in my mind, there was sort of a funny moment to make my bedside table actually out of books. Personally, I have a really eclectic style, I mean, you can see with putting on paneling, which is a bit a sort of a historic classic look, but then doing fun things like mixing an eye cat print, painting the headboard on the wall, some non-traditional stuff. And, also, older pieces of furniture that have been in my family for a while and I really wanted to incorporate them into the space and have a little bit of character of things that hadn’t been created right away, but have actual historical meaning as well.

I think I did go a little bit beyond what the average person might do in a rental space,  I really like to take the opportunity to transform something and also to explore, it was an opportunity for me to try it out. I know that I am going to be here for a few years and so, it matter to me to put the time in to really establish myself here and to know that I am going to be in a space that I really love.

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