Make Your Rental Property As Marketable As Possible


When transforming a space it’s always a good idea to add character and personality to your walls, especially if you’re planning on your property being on the market, whether for sale, a short term furnished rental (http://extendedstay-tucson.com), or for more traditional tenants. Paint is a great back up option, but wallpaper can really become a great feature. For this project, we wanted to elevate three rooms in a client’s home as they prepared to move overseas for a year and put this home up as a temporary furnished rental home.

When we first walked in, the hallway had great bones, it had a flood of natural light coming in. There was a great runner up the stairs, there was beautiful paneling all around, but it lacked a bit of color and we really wanted to bring it all together.

When we first saw the living room, it was beautiful, the homeowner was definitely ready for a change. She was ready to embrace some more color and pattern and add something exciting. I think the first thing we noticed is that this room lacked the focal point, which we decide to bring in. The last room we wanted to tackle was a bathroom that was newly renovated and it was the perfect blank canvas for us to play around with. So for these three spaces we knew that wallpaper was the answer.

We wanted to have as many options as possible and also make this is as easy as possible. So we went to the Walls Republic website. We had three spaces to consider, so we really took our time and went through the website and ordered, basically, everything that caught our eye and it was great because Walls Republic sent us samples for free and within twenty-four hours and when we were looking at the ones for the entrance, two really stood out. We had a darker purple, kind of a Damask print and the a yellow painterly, almost Asian, bird print.

When we were thinking about what to do in the living room, we decided we only wanted to paper the chimney breast and there were two strong options that we found. One was a beautiful Damask print and the other was a beautiful watercolor floral. The Damask felt a bit more contemporary than we wanted to go in such a traditional space, so we had her heart fed on the floral. And what was great about the floral, they had a lot of colors that we could pick out and put that onto the wall with pins[?].

We went a lot more modern with our picks for the bathroom because the bathroom was pretty slick and we had a full geometric print and many colorways because we couldn’t make up our minds and kind of a barn wood finish, which is super funky. In the end, we decided that we loved the geometric, but we went for a more subtle colorway, just to keep it sort of quiet and not too overwhelming in this small space. And I think it actually took us longer to pick the wallpapers than to actually receive them, because once we put our order in, it took a few days and we were ready to roll. The installer we got was working magic on these walls.

She started from the middle, worked her way out and really, it was quite impressive. The entrance way and hallway is such a great molding and paneling, such wonderful bones and this paper just complimented that perfectly. I love how the yellow just shines when it gets flooded with sunlight. I think that the little bird print is just so perfectly classic and beautiful. It’s a very cheerful entrance and I’m really happy about the fact that we were able to keep her original artwork, which had a very Asian feel, because that paper, even though it can read as very traditional, it has a little bit of an Asian flavor to it, doesn’t it?

I think it’s always hard to put a nail in your brand new wallpaper and hang something on top of it, but I don’t think people should be afraid of that. It looks amazing in this space. There was such a great idea on your part to put the original prints back up there. I could not be more excited about the chimney breast in the living room turned out. I love that we picked blue, which already existed in the room and the painterly quality is just so pretty. It gave us a focal point in the room and was the perfect artistic hit that we needed.

And if you think about it, although wallpapers are a bit of an investment, if you were to get a piece of art that was that same size and scale, it would be a lot more expensive. When we first saw this space, we noticed those big pink floral prints that she had framed`, they were beautiful and we liked the scale of them, so we knew that she would be very happy with having the same kind of idea on her chimney breast.

Third room we did was the basement bathroom. We decided to go bold with our geometrical print, but then scaled it back a bit by using a tone on tone color. And because this room was small enough, we decided to wrap it all around, which added a good amount of impact and texture without overwhelming the space. I really love how this wallpaper print kind of look like a hex tile, but without the cost of it.

It really turned the bathroom, kind of a basic bathroom, to a very decorative space. The biggest lesson here that we learned was, “don’t be afraid of wallpaper, don’t feel overwhelmed”, because it was a lot of fun and it was a lot easier than we anticipated. We just need to think about where the wallpaper is going, what scale might look good in that space, what color you want and I think, most importantly, you just have to love it. If you fall in love with the paper, you can, most certainly, make it work somewhere.

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